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With the expansion of the cannabis industry underway consumers are faced with more choices than ever. Finding, understanding, and maximizing your cannabis experience can be a world of trial and error.

We've launched a platform for you to create your own cannabis library and invite you to share your experiences with other members of the community, exchanging recommendations, reviews, and commentary.

Catalog various information including appearance, dosage, flavor, and effect in a fun, easy format with inputs spanning the cannabis platform including flower, concentrates, and edibles.

Start creating your personal library and make each experience a memory. Never wonder again what you’ve tried or where you found it.

Find your Budunity in our Community.

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What People Are Saying

It really helps me get the most out of my experiences and before I used it I never actually realized that I very much prefer certain strains over others.

I've been waiting for something like this forever! I don't keep a personal diary but a nug diary makes perfect sense for when I want to refer back to an awesome strain I had tried 6 months earlier.

Simple, organized and fun! Great way to keep track of what I have tried in a well laid out manner.

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